Our New Look!

Some of you may have noticed on our Facebook that we’ve recently purchased some new vehicle decals. These decals were among the first of our new materials showcasing our new logo!



A special thank you to Keith at Graphcom Group for the new design!



Our Halloween Report

Another Halloween has passed and for the  seventh year in a row the Citizens on Patrol were out in full force, patrolling the Town to help the RCMP keep residents safe. There were four patrols positioned throughout the Town in zones, and we are happy to say that there were no major incidents (aside from some pumpkin smashing).

A very special thanks to all who came to help out and to all of the RCMP members who work to keep our Town safe!


Stratford Expo

On Saturday, September 27th 2014 the Citizens on Patrol took part in the Town of Stratford’s annual Expo, which begins with a delicious breakfast. Our members had a great time meeting with Town residents, giving away some free cake, and a draw was held for a golf shirt, t-shirt and hat that went to Chris MacDonald – congratulations, Chris!

If we missed you that day and you’re interested in learning more about Citizens on Patrol, please contact us and we would be happy to meet you for a coffee to chat!