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What is C.O.P.P. (Citizens on Patrol Program)?
The Citizens on Patrol Program is a crime prevention initiative used by various police agencies around the world where volunteers act as extra eyes and ears for their community and local law enforcement. In Stratford, Prince Edward Island, the volunteer members use the acronym C.O.P.S. for, Citizens on Patrol – Stratford.

What is the purpose of C.O.P.P.?
The purpose of the Citizens on Patrol Program is for dedicated community volunteers to assist in crime prevention in the community. By being an extra set of eyes and ears in the community, and by getting involved in the activities of the local C.O.P. program, citizens can help their local police agency make safer homes and safer communities. It is very important for C.O.P.P. members to exercise safety and common sense – a safe attitude and the common sense to ensure your personal safety.

What are some examples of C.O.P.S. activities?
In Stratford, PEI, some of the activities that a Citizens on Patrol-Stratford member may find themselves engaged in are:

  • Patrolling residential neigbourhoods and business districts (by car)
  • Attending monthly meetings
  • Patrolling special events
  • Assisting RCMP with surveillance
  • Participating in group training
  • Assisting RCMP or groups with traffic diversion / parking